Policy and Remuneration

Policy and Remuneration Schedule for Consumer Representatives on Medicines Australia Committees

  1. Medicines Australia values the perspectives of and participation by Consumer representatives on its various Committees.
  2. A consumer representative is a member of a government, professional body, industry or non-governmental organisation committee who voices consumer perspectives and takes part in the decision-making process on behalf of consumers. This person is nominated by, and is accountable to, an organisation of consumers.
  3. Medicines Australia recognises that the role of a Consumer representative is to provide a consumer perspective. This advice can differ from bureaucratic, service provider, industry, academic or other professional perspectives. The role of the consumer representative involves:
    • Protecting the interests of consumers, service users and potential service users;
    • Presenting how consumers may think and feel about certain issues;
    • Contributing consumer experiences;
    • Ensuring the committee recognises consumer concerns;
    • Reporting the activities of the committee to consumers;
    • Ensuring accountability to consumers;
    • Acting as a watchdog on issues affecting consumers;
    • Providing information about any relevant issues affecting consumers.
  4. Medicines Australia acknowledges that Consumer representatives frequently forego their paid employment in order to prepare for and attend meetings of Medicines Australia Committees.
  5. Medicines Australia agrees that Consumer representatives should be remunerated appropriately for their participation on Medicines Australia Committees.
  6. Medicines Australia notes that the work undertaken by Consumer representatives on the Code Committees in particular, is substantial, complex, and technical in nature. The workload and nature of the contribution by Consumer representatives on these Committees merits special consideration.
    • Economy class airfare – pre-booked
    • Taxi fares – taxi vouchers supplied where possible
    • Public transport fares
    • Accommodation, with prior agreement with the Secretariat
    • Parking fees and motorway tolls
    • Car allowance for distances >50 km using current ATO rates*

Remuneration for Consumer representatives will be as per the following schedule:

Remuneration Schedule for Consumer Representatives on Medicines Australia Committees Sitting Fees

Code Committees (Complex/Technical) Other Committees (Standard)
Hourly rate (in dollars) $150 $100
1 Hour $150 $100
2 Hours $300 $200
3 Hours $450 $300
4 Hours/half day $600 $400
Full day hourly rate hourly rate hourly rate
Preparation time hourly rate inclusive
Transport prebooked/provided prebooked/provided
Accommodation prebooked/provided prebooked/provided
Incidental expenses NO NO


Medicines Australia will reimburse reasonable out of pocket expenses including:

Conventional Engines (Most cars) Rotary Engines (e.g. Mazda RX7/8) Rate per Km
1600cc (1.6 litre or less) 800cc (0.8 litre or less) 65 cents
1601cc – 2600cc (1.601 litre – 2.6 litre) 801cc – 1300cc (0.801 litre – 1.3 litre) 76 cents
2601cc (2.601 litre) and over 1301cc (1.301 litre ) and over 77 cents

*ATO rates as at June 2014 – Claiming a deduction for car expenses using the cents per kilometre method

Please note: Meal expenses will not be reimbursed as Medicines Australia provides catering for meetings and the full day sitting fee rate provides an amount for breakfast and dinner expenses.

* Reimbursement of expenses will only be made upon submission of a Tax Invoice to Medicines Australia and this must be supported with receipts for the reimbursement(s) being claimed.