Code Resource Toolkit

This Toolkit has been designed to aid compliance with the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct (the Code). The Toolkit provides insight both into the experiences of the Code of Conduct, Appeals and Monitoring Committees and the deliberations of Medicines Australia and its members when developing amendments to the Code of Conduct.

This Toolkit will be continually augmented as issues are raised by members or other interested people. Users may also refer to the Code of Conduct Guidelines for Edition 18 which provides agreed benchmarks for ethical behaviour in the industry.

Medicines Australia is no longer publishing the Code of Conduct in hard copy. To access archived Codes of Conduct, please contact the Code Help Desk.

Tools for returning sales reps to face-to-face interactions 

At the outset of industry’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, we reacted quickly to protect the safety of our sales forces by reducing or ceasing face-to-face interactions with healthcare professionals. Your actions have changed the way industry engages positively, and possibly permanently. Healthcare professionals have adopted virtual meetings widely, and we are hearing great feedback that this is appreciated. We know, however, that nothing will replace the face-to-face interaction that our industry provides and will go on providing.

Now that the we are navigating the Road Out, companies are in the planning stages of returning field force personnel to work. Medicines Australia has developed a briefing document as part of the Code of Conduct toolkit that provides a principle-based approach to getting back on the road.

Download the brief on Tools for returning sales reps to face-to-face interactions

Conducting Virtual Meetings

With technology improving rapidly, and connectivity increasing, many companies are conducting virtual engagements and interactions with healthcare professionals. These activities include video sales calls, remote or tele-detailing, virtual meetings, and online conferences.

The Overarching Principles of Edition 19 of the Code of Conduct apply to educational meetings, regardless of the method of delivery.

Click here to download the brief on Virtual Meetings

NEW: Video – Introduction to the Code of Conduct Edition 19

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