CEP Awards

Medicines Australia hosts an annual Awards Ceremony to celebrate the achievements of students in the Continuing Education Program and to enjoy an excellent networking opportunity. The CEP awards are presented annually to students who achieve the highest marks in the course. Additionally, the University of Tasmania offers a prize to students based on the level of engagement and quality of participation in the course.

The ceremony begins with a welcoming address from the Medicines Australia CEO, followed by the presentation of the CEP Achievement Awards and the Code of Conduct Award by the Medicines Australia Chair.

The UTAS prize for Excellence is awarded by Prof. Greg Petersen, Head of UMORE, Faculty of Health, University of Tasmania who then conducts a brief interview with the award recipients, highlighting the benefits of the CEP and self-directed e-learning.

The Medicines Australia Continuing Education Program has been in existence for over forty years.  Commencing in 1973 with the Medical Representatives Education Program, or MedREP. In that first year 48 candidates sat for the inaugural exams. In 1997 the new Continuing Education Program, or CEP, commenced, first at Monash University, before moving to Deakin University and the University of Queensland.  In 2012 the University of Tasmania was awarded the contract to deliver and develop the CEP following a competitive tender process.

UTAS Prize for Excellence Award

CEP Course Facilitators at the University of Tasmania nominate one finalist per semester from their program based on the level and quality of participation in group discussions and personal reflections in the online tutorials.  The winner is selected by a panel from the University.

Semester 1 Winner 2019: Taft Owen from Boehringer Ingelheim (right); Semester 2 Winner 2019: Carmen Loh from AstraZeneca (left); pictured with Professor Gregory Peterson, Head of UMORE, Faculty of Health, University of Tasmania

Code of Conduct Award

Finalists for the Code of Conduct Award include all students who achieve the highest mark for Program 1.

  • Excludes anyone who has achieved final mark via re submission or supplementary assessment.
  • Among finalists, the winner is determined through review of learning log book and online participation by UTAS panel; MA to make final decision if it is difficult to identify a clear winner.

2019 Code of Conduct Award Winner: Natasha Bakshi from Gilead Sciences, pictured with Dr Anna Lavelle, Medicines Australia Chair

CEP Achievement Award

CEP Achievement Award winners are the students who achieve the 10 highest aggregate marks for the five core programs (out of a possible total aggregate of 500).

Program 3 Human Anatomy and Physiology is not included in the aggregate calculation, as not all students are required to undertake this program.

The award evaluation excludes anyone who has achieved his or her marks via resubmission or supplementary assessment.

2019 CEP Achievement Award recipients pictured below receiving their award from Dr Anna Lavelle, Medicines Australia Chair

*Award recipients’ companies were current at the time of completion of CEP. Some award recipients may have moved to other companies or roles outside the industry.