Purple Truck

Advice: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are advised that this publication may contain images of people who have died.

The Purple Truck is a mobile dialysis clinic offering services to patients in remote areas with end stage renal disease.  This service is important to the Aboriginal community as it allows them to return to the country and re-engage with Elders, family and traditional country and culture.  Prior to the Purple Truck, many Aboriginal patients were taken to the nearest capital city for life-long dialysis treatment that were many hundreds of kilometers from family, community and traditional country.  The impacts of this dislocation were devastating at a personal and community level, with significant disruption to cultural practice and the passing on of knowledge to the younger generations.  

Central Australia has gone from having the worst to best survival rates for dialysis in Australia.

Medicines Australia has generously donated over $490,000 since 2009 towards the Purple Truck.

For more information, please visit the Purple House website or follow them on social media.