PharmAus20 Digital Forum

This year, due to the difficulties presented by COVID-19 Medicines Australia hosted PharmAus as an interactive digital forum.

In previous years, the Medicines Australia PharmAus Symposium has attracted over 250 participants from the wider healthcare community, government and academia, as well as the pharmaceutical sector – we anticipate attendance being much higher this year due to the significant interest in COVID-19 and the work of the pharmaceutical industry during the pandemic.

COVID-19 has disrupted our way of life dramatically and has changed the way we consider all facets of our industry. This year, PharmAus will focus on examining aspects of our changing operating environment as we look toward health-led economic recovery and the future of the medicines industry.

Medicines Australia is pleased to provide a summary of our highly successful PharmAus Digital Forums, featuring insights, opportunities and challenges from industry experts and thought leaders.

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