PharmAus22: Partnering for Future Health


This year’s theme is Partnering for Future Health and builds on the current significant health reform agenda facing the Australian Parliament. Under a new Government, we have a huge opportunity to improve health outcomes for all Australians by working in collaboration with Government, patients, clinicians and others in the health system.

There is no doubt that health is dominating community and political debate. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, access to vaccines and medicines, and health system pressures are affecting every corner of Australian society. With the new Labor Government and new Health Minister, now is the time to engage with thought leaders and decision makers to drive significant and lasting reform to improve the health of all Australians. 

The event will feature a VIP MC and three panel sessions with representatives from industry, patient groups, government and clinicians, exploring the importance of partnership to guarantee improved future health for all Australians. Speaker announcements will be made in the coming weeks.

For more information, please contact Kaity Harris, Member Communications & Events Coordinator via