Board Members

Board Members 2019-2022

Dr Anna Lavelle


Medicines Australia Independent Director

Ms Liz Chatwin

Deputy Chair

Country President Australia & New Zealand
AstraZeneca Pty Ltd

Mr Michael Azrak

VP and Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand
Merck Sharp & Dohme (Australia) Pty Limited

Ms Leah Goodman

General Manager Biopharma / Managing Director
for Australia & New Zealand
Merck Healthcare Pty Ltd

Mr Bruce Goodwin

Managing Director
Janssen-Cilag Limited

Ms Anne Harris

Managing Director,
Pfizer Australia and New Zealand

Internal Medicine Lead, Developed Asia
Pfizer Australia

Ms Christi Kelsey

VP and General Manager
GlaxoSmithKline Australia

Mr Stuart Knight

Managing Director
Roche Products Limited

Mr Neil MacGregor

Managing Director
Bristol-Myers Squibb Australia

Mr James McDonnell

VP and General Manager
Vifor Pharma Australia

Mr Chris Stemple

Vice President and General Manager Australia and New Zealand
Abbvie Pty Ltd

Ms Shannon Sullivan

Vice President & Managing Director Australia and New Zealand
Amgen Australia Pty Ltd