CEP Enrolment, Dates and Fees


Students may either enrol in a Program as an independent student or receive company sponsorship. Students with company sponsorship should consult with their Company Coordinator before attempting to enrol as most companies are issued with enrolment keys to facilitate their enrolment. To get started all students must create a user account on the UMORE iLearn Education Site.

Company Sponsored students with an enrolment key should proceed by clicking onto their desired program, where they will be prompted to enter their enrolment key. Independent students can enrol in a specific Program by clicking on the ‘apply for independent enrolment’ tab which is found under Student Information on the home page.

For further information click on the ‘getting started’ tab on the home page the UMORE iLearn Education Site which provides students with access to all key information. Assistance can also be obtained by contacting the University of Tasmania via email at MedicinesAustralia.CEP@utas.edu.au , via phone at 1300 305 228, or through the UMORE iLearn Education website.

Key dates for the 2024 Academic Year

Semester 1 2024

Enrolments Open Monday, 8th January
Enrolments Close Friday, 26th April
Semester Close/Last Day of Assessment Friday, 24th May
Results and Certification Friday, 31st May

Semester 2 2024

Enrolments Open Monday, 24th June
Enrolments Close Friday, 11th October
Semester Close/Last Day of Assessment Friday, 8th November
Results and Certification Friday, 15th November

CEP Fees for 2024

*Fees Invoiced per program, per student.

MA Member $815.00 GST incl.
MA Non-Member $1,160.00 GST incl.
Full CEP MA Member Fee $4,890.00 GST incl.
Full CEP Non-Member Fee $6,900.00 GST incl.
Code of Conduct Bridging Course $100.00 GST incl.
Foundations of Vaccine Immunology Course Member fee $490.00 GST incl.
Foundations of Vaccine Immunology Course Non-Member fee $700.00 GST incl.
Short Course – Vaccines Hesitancy $150.00 GST incl.
Short Course – Traditional and New Tech Vaccines $150.00 GST incl.
Short Course – Intro of the Pharmacy Industry $150.00 GST incl.
Short Course – Intro to New Sales Representatives $150.00 GST incl.

Contact Details

Students employed with a pharmaceutical company should contact their Company CEP Coordinator in the first instance.

For all other enquiries, please contact:

University of Tasmania
Phone: 1300 305 228
Email: MedicinesAustralia.CEP@utas.edu.au

Medicines Australia
Phone: (02) 6147 6500
Email: cep@medaus.com.au