Code Information Sessions

The Ethics and Compliance Team offers a series of Code Information Sessions to members, non-members, and businesses/individuals working with the pharmaceutical industry anyone interested. These workshops are online, free, and available to all. Membership of Medicines Australia is not a pre-requisite to attend however there in most of the sessions there is an assumed base knowledge of the Code.

The Ethics and Compliance Team advertise these events through our communication channels including social media, and also directly to our members. Registrations open one month prior to the event. Code Information Sessions usually consist of an online presentation and allowing for questions-and-answers. The events are usually held on Thursday mornings from 10:30am – 12pm.

More information available through the Ethics and Compliance Team via email

2023 Program

Note: the link to register for these events will be made available on this webpage one month prior to the event.

23 February: Educational Events and the Code – Whether Company-initiated or sponsored, activities and events should be consistent with the Principles of the Code. In this session we highlight what to consider at the different types of events, pinpoint the requirements and analyse some ethical dilemmas related to venue choices and the like. Focuses on Section 4 of the Code.

20 April: Transparency Reporting and the Code – the rationale behind transparency reporting, overview of timelines, what needs to be reported and what does not, and an opportunity to discuss challenges and approaches to transparency.

15 June: Interacting with Non-Healthcare Professionals – the Code affirms companies can communicate proactively or reactively with relevant stakeholders, so long as the information is appropriate and relevant to the role of the stakeholder. In this session we explore what this means, how to navigate what is appropriate, and focus especially on the stakeholder as patient, patient-advocate, patient organisation or health consumer organisation.

10 August: Disease Awareness activities – the Code acknowledges that members of the general public should have access to information on medical conditions and the treatments which may be prescribed by their doctors, and pharma can play a role in providing educational information to further this purpose. In this session we look at what to consider when creating material to suit this need, and also covers other interactions with the general public. Focuses on Section 13 of the Code.

QR Codes, prescribing information and balanced promotional material has been postponed to 2024 – Originally scheduled for 26th October, we will re-schedule this to early 2024.

7 December: The Year in Review – Time to review the year that’s passed. We look at the complaints received, the activities of the Monitoring Committee, and learn from the outcomes.

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Previous Code Info Sessions

Some of the Info sessions are recorded and made available on our Code Resource Toolkit Some of these recordings are abridged version of the actual webinar, but capture key points.