Code Review

The Code of Conduct Edition 19 is being reviewed in 2024 

The purpose of the 2024 Code Review is to ensure the Code remains relevant, coherent, useful, and credible to members, the wider industry, and external stakeholders. 

Reviewing Code Edition 19 will build on the work undertaken by the last Code Review. The shift towards a principles-based Code has been welcomed by members and this Review provides an opportunity to take stock of the Code and make improvements should they be identified. 

Review Process

This Code Review will be run as a consultative process involving Medicines Australia’s decision-making bodies, Code Compliance Network, the patient community, members, and external stakeholders. 

Expert guidance will be provided by a Code Review Working Group made up of members. 

Should the review find any updates are needed, they will be put forward for formal adoption by special resolution at the Medicines Australia Annual General Meeting in October 2024.   

Please get in touch with the MA Ethics & Compliance Team if you have any questions via