Medicines Matter

The Medicines Matter Report: Australia’s Access to Medicines 2014- 2019 launched by Medicines Australia, assesses the timelines for registration and reimbursement of new medicines for Australian patients, against other OECD countries.

The Medicines Matter Report involves a detailed and unique methodology, built by IQVIA, that standardises timelines for medicines registration (market authorisation) and also reimbursement across a variety of healthcare systems within comparable OECD countries including Australia.

The report findings show significant improvements have been made with TGA registration timelines. Accelerated pathways and international collaborations are reducing timelines, on average, by 182 days. However, while 60 percent of new medicines are reimbursed in Australia within 12 months, this lags behind more than 60 percent of new medicines reimbursed within 6 months, on average, across the OECD countries assessed – highlighting an opportunity for greater attention and progress.

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