Code Complaints

The Code of Conduct sets out standards of conduct for the activities of companies when engaged in the marketing of prescription products used under medical supervision as permitted by Australian legislation. Pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals and members of the general public have the right to lodge a complaint if they believe the Code has been breached, and the right to an impartial decision.

The Code Committee provides a robust and independent mechanism to hear and manage complaints made under the Code of Conduct. The Appeals Committee convenes if a complainant or subject company chooses to appeal a decision made by the Code Committee, For more information on these Committees, please refer to this webpage

Complaints and appeals will be considered in a transparent, equitable, objective and unbiased manner by the Code of Conduct and Appeals Committees. The complaints handling process will reflect the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness.

The Code of Conduct outlines the complaint handling process in Section 16.

The complaints process is:

  • Accessible. It is free of charge, and an ‘Independent Facilitator’ is available to assist non-industry complainants.
  • Responsive. Target times for handling complaints are set down in the provisions of the Code, with meeting dates published here
  • Transparent. Outcomes of complaints are published here

For a comprehensive understanding of the complaints process, and how to lodge a complaint, please see the Medicines Australia Guide to Lodging a complaint in relation to the Code of Conduct – coming shortly.

Where anonymity by a healthcare professional or member of the general public to the pharmaceutical company has been requested, this will be respected. However, anonymous complaints to the Secretariat will not be accepted.