Monitoring Compliance

Medicines Australia’s members are committed to adhering to the Code of Conduct, which sets the standards for the ethical marketing and promotion of prescription pharmaceutical products in Australia.

Monitoring compliance is integral to ensuring our members remain at the forefront of ethical activities, and in line with the Code’s overarching principles. This is undertaken by the Code of Conduct’s Monitoring Committee.

Outcomes of monitoring activities

The Monitoring Committee reports on the outcomes of its reviews. This report includes the number of items reviewed, the number and type of breaches detected, and the number of Code of Conduct complaints generated.

Due to the challenges of working within a covid-safe environment, monitoring activity paused in 2020 and 2021. Monitoring activities are due to re-start in 2022, and reports will be published annually.

In the interim, the Code of Conduct annual reports cover the activities of the Monitoring Committee during these listed financial years. These are available below for your convenience.

2019/20 Code of Conduct Annual Report

2018/19 Code of Conduct Annual Report

2017/18 Code of Conduct Annual Report