Outcomes of complaints

Medicines Australia is committed to the transparency of its conduct in administering the Code of Conduct. As required in the Code, Medicines Australia publishes information about complaints considered by the Code and Appeals Committee.

Complaints Outcomes

Complaint 1173 – ERLYAND Promotional claim, published March 2024
Complaint 1172 – NUBEQA Media Statement, published December 2023
Complaint 1171 – LAGEVRIO Promotional material, published November 2023
Complaint 1170 – REVILIMID Patient communication, published July 2023
Complaint 1169 – EPCLUSA Promotional material + activities, published April 2023
Complaint 1168 – TRELEGY ELLIPTA Promotional material + abuse of the Code, published March 2023
Complaint 1163 – OZEMPIC Media Activity, published November 2021
Complaint 1162 – RINVOQ Promotional Material, published May 2021
Complaints 1159 – 1161, published December 2020
Complaints 1154 – 1158, published December 2019
Complaint 1153, published September 2019

Medicines Australia publishes all complaints which have been adjudicated by the Code of Conduct Committee. Where the Committee does not adjudicate the complaint, such as being onwardly referred or withdrawn, Medicines Australia does not publish the outcome of that complaint. They are tabled in Medicines Australia’s Annual Reports.

Prior to September 2019, the Code of Conduct annual reports cover the complaints processed. These are available below for your convenience.

2019/20 Code of Conduct Annual Report
2018/19 Code of Conduct Annual Report

Contact information & confidentiality

Members of the Code of Conduct committees will not discuss complaints with a healthcare professional, member of the general public or pharmaceutical company.

All questions relating to particular complaints or the Code of Conduct more broadly should be directed to the Secretary of the Code of Conduct Committee at Medicines Australia.
Phone: (02) 6147 6500
Email: codehelpdesk@medicinesaustralia.com.au