How to make a complaint

Guidance for anyone wishing to make a complaint

If you wish to lodge a complaint in relation to promoting a prescription medicine, or interactions by pharmaceutical companies as governed by the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct, please:

See here for Guidance on “How to Make a Complaint” – this explains the process for anyone OUTSIDE the pharmaceutical industry as well as individuals, such as a healthcare professional, or a member of the general public.

See here for Guidance on “How to Make a Complaint” – this explains the process for companies INSIDE the pharmaceutical industry – and includes guidelines about inter-company dialogue.

Not sure whether Medicines Australia’s Code of Conduct is the right place for your complaint?

It depends on what type of product is involved, and potentially also where you saw the advertisement. The therapeutic goods industry is broadly organised around the types of products its member companies supply, and each ‘type’ has a corresponding organisation which has its own set of standards and complaints handling process associated with that ‘type’.

The below table sets out the product ‘types’ and directs you to the appropriate mechanism/organisation to which you should direct your complaint.

Type of Product Examples Industry Association
Innovator prescription medicines (only available with a prescription) Companies that are researching new medicines (innovator companies) Medicines Australia
Generic prescription medicines (only available with a prescription) Companies that are supplying generic medicines once all valid patents have expired Generic Medicines Industry Association
Non-prescription consumer healthcare products Includes medicines you can get from a pharmacy without a script and those you can buy in a supermarket Consumer Healthcare Products Australia
Complementary medicines and natural healthcare products Includes vitamins, mineral and nutritional supplements, special purpose foods, herbal and homoeopathic medicines, aromatherapy products and natural cosmetics Complementary Medicines Australia
Medical technology and diagnostics Includes syringes, wound dressings, as well as high-technology implanted devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators, hip and other orthopaedic implants. Instruments and test reagents for pathology tests, blood glucose meters, home pregnancy test kits. Medical Technology Association of Australia
Dental products Includes dental-related medical devices Australian Dental Industry Association

Any questions?

The Ethics and Compliance Team provides advice and assistance about the Medicines Australia complaints handling process to anyone, industry or non-industry. They also receive complaints.

Please contact them via email or call (02) 6147 6500 at Medicines Australia.