Who we are

Who We Are

Medicines Australia leads the research-based pharmaceutical industry of Australia. Our members discover, develop and manufacture the medicines that are the foundation of a healthy and prosperous society, including prescription pharmaceutical products, biotherapeutic products and vaccines. Our members invest in Australian medical research and take local discoveries and developments to the world.

We are trusted partners in the medicines ecosystem, ensuring that our conduct is of the highest ethical standard, and that the environment in which we provide access to our medicines is sustainable and fair.

Our Mission

To champion what is possible as a result of the latest advancements in medicine, and advocate for patients to have fast, universal access to new treatments. We communicate and partner with community, governments and health sector organisations to put the enabling policies and mechanisms in place.

Our Vision

To achieve the world’s best health for all Australians by ensuring they have immediate access to the best available medicines.

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Successful self-regulation

Medicines Australia’s Code of Conduct for advertising and promotion of prescription medicines has been internationally recognised for its effectiveness in regulating these activities.

Adherence to the Code of Conduct is a requirement of membership of Medicines Australia.

The Code of Conduct Committee, with medical, legal and consumer representatives, has the power to direct withdrawal of advertising, require letters of clarification and impose company fines for breaches of the Code.

The Medicines Australia Special Purpose Fund has been established, with funds derived from the surplus of fine income (minus the administrative costs of running the Code of Conduct).

Government relations

Members of Medicines Australia and the Medicines Australia secretariat remain in close contact with Members of Parliament and government departments to monitor activities and promote policy options to ensure the continuation of a viable medicines industry.

Working with consumers

The Australian medicines industry is committed to enhancing its relationship with health consumers. Medicines Australia continues to actively engage with key consumer groups to better understand their needs and issues.

The Working Together Guide and Supplementary Materials, which has been jointly developed by the peak health consumer body, the Consumers’ Health Forum of Australia and Medicines Australia, is a reference tool offering basic principles for collaboration. It includes suggestions that can be adapted to suit the individual needs of consumer organisations.

Working with health professionals

Medicines Australia regularly liaises with health professional organisations to keep up to date with developments in healthcare, and to discuss issues of mutual concern.

Education within the health field

The Continuing Education Program, administered by Medicines Australia, is a compulsory education program for all medical representatives employed in the industry in order to ensure an adequate level of medical and scientific knowledge. This helps health professionals by ensuring that their questions will be appropriately responded to by representatives.

Medicines Australia provides briefings and publications to educate the community about the industry in Australia.

In these education activities, Medicines Australia strongly supports the Government’s National Medicines Policy’s call for appropriate and rational use of medicines.

Medicines Australia as a health resource

For its member companies, the Medicines Australia secretariat provides a wide range of services, including:

  • Briefing on policy initiatives and issues
  • Representations to government on behalf of industry
  • Representing the industry at relevant health, medical and research activities
  • Providing specialist advice to member companies
  • Educating the community about industry activities

Scientific and healthcare expertise

The Medicines Australia secretariat and its member companies contribute experience and expertise through participation in a wide range of activities, including membership of advisory committees and participation in health and industry policy development.