Medicines Australia does not keep copies of CEP Certificates. However, we can provide a transcript of results if you completed the course at a University other than the University of Tasmania (UTAS), which is the current CEP provider. The Code of Conduct Bridging Course is not a compulsory course, and hence no transcripts are provided, however one can access documentation that indicates the course has been completed.

Any results for programs completed through UTAS can be obtained through your iLearn student login. Please contact UTAS directly if you do not know your login details.

If you would like a transcript for courses completed prior to 2012, please complete the online enquiry form.

University of Tasmania Transcripts

If you completed your Medicines Australia CEP through the University of Tasmania (UTAS) you can obtain a transcript through your iLearn student login.

If you can not remember your login details please contact UTAS directly by email on or call their Helpdesk on 1300 305 228.

University of Tasmania Certificates

Certificates will be posted out twice a year approximately four (4) weeks from the close of Semester. Unless you have provided a private address, all certificates will be forwarded to your company CEP Coordinator. If you change companies or address during your studies please ensure that you update your information on the iLearn student portal or email to ensure that your certificate is sent to the correct address.

Certificates will be issued to all students who have successfully completed Program 1 of the Medicines Australia Continuing Education Program.  Full CEP completion certificates will be issued within 4 weeks on the close of Semester.