The Code of Conduct establishes the Monitoring Committee. Authority to this Committee is delegated under the Constitution of Medicines Australia that provides that each Member Company must conform to and be bound by the Code of Conduct. This committee proactively monitors Member Company conduct.

The role of the Monitoring Committee

The Monitoring Committee proactively monitors selected promotional material and activities of Member Companies on a regular and ongoing basis, thereby supporting the Quality Use of Medicines.

The aims of this monitoring process are to encourage compliance with the Code of Conduct, provide advice on compliance where necessary, obtain and publish statistical data on the rate of compliance and to provide an ongoing mechanism for the identification of potential future amendments to the Code of Conduct.

The Monitoring Committee may review all forms of promotional material and activities as outlined in Section 16.7 of Edition 19 of the Code of Conduct. Companies are required to submit to the Committee an electronic copy of materials that were in use during a specified three-month period.

Committee Membership

The composition of the Monitoring Committee is prescribed in Section 17.3 of Edition 19 of the Code of Conduct. It includes a Chairperson, a general practitioner representative, a representative from the College and/or Society associated with the therapeutic class of the material being reviewed, consumer representative/s, and up to two representatives from Medicines Australia members (as relevant to the subject matter under consideration for monitoring).

The Committee may also have non-voting observers in accordance with Section 17.3. The Committee is assisted in administering its business by a Code Secretariat from Medicines Australia.

Who’s who and meeting dates 2024

The panel of Monitoring Committee members, 2022 – 2024 – updated PDF can be found here

The process by which members are appointed, can be viewed here

The Committee plans to meet in March, May, July, September and November 2024.

Any questions should be directed to the Code of Conduct Secretariat at Medicines Australia.

Phone: (02) 6147 6500 or via email: