Required Training

The Code of Conduct requires that all sales representatives, and any person who reviews and approves promotional materials for healthcare professionals or educational materials for consumers, as well as anyone who directly interacts with healthcare professionals, are trained to an adequate standard. To meet these requirements, Medicines Australia offers the Continuing Education Program (CEP). The CEP is currently offered online through the University of Tasmania. Full details of the program can be found here (please follow link)

Additional Training

The Code Secretariat also offers training to members, non-members, and businesses/individuals working with the pharmaceutical industry. A regular workshop is held to provide an overview of the Code of Conduct as well as the practical application of the Code in the development of materials, and in interactions with healthcare professionals and consumers.

Dates and registration for the Code Workshops can be found here (please follow link)

The Code Secretariat is also able to provide more tailored training to suit individual company requirements. These sessions will be organised to accommodate the Code Secretariat’s schedule. It is preferred that prior to any individual training sessions, participants have attended a Code Workshop or undertaken Program 1 of the Continuing Education Program. To coordinate an individual training session, please email