ALP focus on innovation welcomed

Medicines Australia has commended the Australian Labor Party on the release today of a discussion paper on innovation.

“A critical issue for the next election will be the role of innovative manufacturing industries in securing Australia’s future,“ Medicines Australia’s Chief Executive, Ian Chalmers, said today.

“The Labor Party’s release of a discussion paper on innovation is therefore a timely and important contribution to debate on the future development of Australian industry.”

The ALP paper, New Directions for innovation, competitiveness and productivity, makes the important point that the long term prosperity of Australia’s economy, industry and business rests in being more innovative and more productive.

“The pharmaceutical industry is key contributor to Australia’s ongoing commitment to the continuing development of a prosperous, knowledge-based economy.”

The Australian pharmaceutical industry invests around half a billion dollars in research and development every year, employs 15,000 people in highly skilled jobs and exports medicines worth $3.5 billion per annum.

“Key to the pharmaceutical industry’s success in Australia is a focus on innovation, leading edge technologies, research, workforce skills and knowledge. Medicines Australia notes that the importance these themes is highlighted in the paper released today by Mr Rudd and Senator Carr.”

“Labor’s commitment to further internationalise Australian innovation policy and research is to be commended,” Mr Chalmers said.


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