ALP’s health commitment is an investment in every Australian

Medicines Australia welcomes the Australian Labor Party’s Affordable Medicines Guarantee and Medicare Cancer Plan, announced as part of The Hon Bill Shorten MP’s Budget in Reply speech tonight.

These measures would see an investment of $2.3 billion to cut up-front costs for cancer patients, and a commitment to list all positive recommendations from the PBAC.

Medicines Australia CEO Liz de Somer welcomed the Leader of the Opposition’s commitments, saying an investment in medicines is an investment in Australia.

“Medicines matter to all Australians. Not only to patients, but to their families, their communities and they matter to the economy,” said Ms de Somer.

“Cancer in particular has a very high cost burden, with out of pocket expenses, specialist fees, and non-reimbursed medicines combining to quickly rack up the bills, this investment will go a long way to easing the financial pressure on an individual.

“Some of the medicines that Mr Shorten has committed to listing, once recommended by the PBAC, are becoming more specialised, and effective and have the potential to be transformative for many Australians.

“By recognising this, and committing to list them on the PBS, Mr Shorten has displayed a clear indication that if he wins Government in the upcoming election, he will work with the innovative medicines industry and our stakeholders to ensure the PBS can subsidise and deliver these life changing medicines.

“Industry is committed to working with the Department of Health and the ALP if they are elected to ensure that this is realised.”


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