Australia leading world in medicines Code

Australia is a world leader in pharmaceutical industry conduct, and will continue to work towards further transparency of industry’s interactions with healthcare professionals, Medicines Australia chief executive Dr Brendan Shaw said today.

Responding to the implementation of the new expanded International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations’ Code of Practice, Dr Shaw said Australian consumers can be confident that the standards of ethical conduct and transparency demanded by the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct far exceed those of other countries.

“The expanded global Code is a positive step forward. It articulates high-level principles that hold companies to a high standard of ethical conduct,” Dr Shaw said.

“It also imposes new requirements that have been in place in Australia for many years, such as banning personal gifts and the provision of entertainment at educational events.

“The global Code underscores how much further ahead of most countries Australia is in this regard.

“The new draft Medicines Australia Code of Conduct is proposing far greater transparency than exists in most other markets.

“The Code will require member companies for the first time to provide public disclosure of aggregate payments to doctors and consumer groups.

“Medicines Australia has also established a Transparency Working Group that brings together consumers and healthcare professionals to consider what extra measures are required to provide the level of transparency that the community expects.

“Transparency is important because it builds public trust and confidence. That is why we are now working to agree on a model for further transparency that is workable and useful.

“Australia should be very proud that we are a global leader in ethical conduct and transparency in the medicines industry. Medicines Australia member companies will continue to strive towards ensuring those high standards are upheld.”


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