Green light flagged for Medicines Australia new Code of Conduct

Medicines Australia welcomes the draft determination by the ACCC to grant authorisation for edition 17 of the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct.

“We are pleased that the ACCC acknowledges the new provisions in the Code which are major shift towards greater transparency, ensure appropriate interactions between companies and healthcare professionals and which provide greater clarity around the application of the Code,” Medicines Australia Chief Executive, Dr Brendan Shaw said.

“Our extensive consultation with consumer organisations, academics, peak doctor groups and other stakeholders have strengthened the Code for the better.

“We are particularly pleased that the ACCC acknowledges sectoral leadership by Medicines Australia in convening a multi-stakeholder transparency working group. This group will examine and report on appropriate ways to disclose payments to healthcare professionals at an individual level. Industry will play its part toward devising a constructive and effective solution for consumers on this issue,” he said.

The ACCC has requested further information from Medicines Australia on three matters: publication of reports in a searchable format, whether the complaints process could be made more accessible for individuals and potential inclusion of representatives of consumer and healthcare professionals on the Code Review Panel.

“Industry is keen to ensure its conduct and Code continues to reflect community expectations. We will consider the ACCC’s requests to work towards a smooth authorisation of the 17th edition of our Code.

The new Code of Conduct, which has been submitted to the ACCC for authorisation is available here (please follow link)


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