Greens’ commitments on PBS predictability welcome

Medicines Australia has welcomed the Greens’ commitments on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme outlined in their health policy.

“I congratulate the Greens for their commitments on the predictability, independence and timeliness of the PBS processes”, said Medicines Australia chief executive Dr Brendan Shaw.

“Over the last few years the industry has been increasingly frustrated by a number of PBS processes, so the Greens’ commitments to support things like predictability in the process for listing new medicines, preserving the independence of the PBAC and getting new medicines listed in a timely manner are especially welcome.

“We’re also encouraged by the Greens’ support for PBS post-market reviews to be conducted at arm’s length from government and for ensuring these reviews are focussed on securing good health outcomes for patients.

“There are a number of major process and policy issues around PBS post-market reviews that have yet to be resolved, so the Greens’ support for ensuring good practice and correct focus in these is welcome.”

Medicines Australia’s 2013 election document calls on political parties to:

  • Reaffirm commitment to the National Medicines Policy
  • List promptly on the PBS all medicines recommended by the PBAC
  • Work with industry to ensure a fair, predictable and stable business environment
  • Improve PBS processes
  • Uphold and strengthen Australia’s intellectual property system: and
  • Commit to industry policies that keep the medicines industry investing in Australia.

Medicines Australia’s election document can be found here


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