HIV/AIDS consortium wins industry award

A consortium of pharmaceutical companies working with NGOs to combat the rise of HIV/AIDS in Papua New Guinea has won the 2011 Pat Clear Award – the Australian medicines industry’s most prestigious accolade.

The Collaboration for Health in PNG brings together six companies currently: Pfizer, MSD, Janssen, GlaxoSmithKline, Boehringer-Ingelheim and Gilead.

Through the consortium, more than 50,000 people in Papua New Guinea have accessed professional counseling and 3000 are currently receiving HIV care.

Medicines Australia chief executive Dr Brendan Shaw congratulated the consortium and said it was a highly deserving recipient of the award.

“The Collaboration for Health in PNG is making a material difference to the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS in Papua New Guinea,” Dr Shaw said.

“Over the last decade a number of Australia’s medicines companies have been diligently working with health groups to improve HIV/AIDS health outcomes in PNG.

“The awarding of the Pat Clear Award to the people and companies involved in this is recognition of that hard work.

“This is one of the ways in which the Australian medicines industry is responding to healthcare problems on our doorstep and working hard to help provide solutions.

“This group of companies has made a concerted effort to support the training of healthcare professionals in PNG and help ensure patients receive effective treatment.”

The Collaboration for Health in PNG has been working with not-for-profit organisations in Papua New Guinea since 2003 and has provided workshops for 250 doctors, nurses, health administrators, counsellors and lab technicians.

The Collaboration works closely with the National Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS and the Australasian Society for HIV Medicine. Since 2008 more than 10 Australian HIV specialists have mentored 80 colleagues from Papua New Guinea on HIV/AIDS treatment and care.

The Pat Clear Award recognises outstanding levels of commitment by an individual, group or team for the benefit of the Australian medicines industry.

The award was established in 2002 to commemorate the substantial contribution Mr Clear made to the medicines industry in Australia during his 40-year career.


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