HTA reform starts today – consultations open

11 April 2023: Medicines Australia welcomes the official start of the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Review consultation that should deliver bold reforms to how medicines are assessed, valued and made available in Australia.

CEO of Medicines Australia, Elizabeth de Somer, said that after 30 years it is long past time for reform to the HTA policies and methods to ensure Australians have timely access to the latest medicines and vaccines.

“We are all patients at one point in our life and our pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS), as part of our Medicare system should provide access to the innovative medicines, treatments and services that are needed as quickly as possible. Access should be fair and equitable, regardless of ability to pay or capacity to research what may already be available overseas,” Ms de Somer said.

“This consultation signals the start of a reform process that must introduce long-term thinking to speed up access to innovative medicines for today’s generation and the next.

“The review will run until December 2023 and a rigorous consultation process with all stakeholders – including industry, scientists, clinicians, and patients – will ensure the best ideas and reforms are put forward for government consideration.

“Today marks the first round of public consultation, which will run for eight weeks from today until 6 June.

“Substantial, enduring change cannot happen without the input and insights from everyone across the health and medicine landscape. I encourage all stakeholders to develop and put forward their ideas, present them to decision makers, and stand up for bold reform.

“As a member of the HTA Review Reference Committee, I will continue to advocate for a review that is consultative, collaborative, inclusive and transparent,” Ms de Somer said.

These are the views of Elizabeth de Somer as CEO of Medicines Australia representing the research based pharmaceutical industry and do not intend to represent views of the HTA Review Reference Committee.

Further information about how to engage in the HTA Review consultation can be found on the Department of Health’s website.

For further information or media interviews, please contact:
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