Key policy improvements needed as Parliament gets back to business

Medicines Australia chief executive Dr Brendan Shaw has welcomed the formation of a new Federal Government and said Australia’s medicines industry looks forward to working constructively with all political parties in the new Parliament.

“To their credit, parliamentarians from all sides have managed the rare occurrence of a hung Parliament very well to date, but with the formation of the new Government there is now a need to press on with some key medicines and industry policy issues.

“Medicines Australia will continue to work with all political parties in a positive and multi-partisan manner to assist in the development of public policy in key health and industry areas.

“The Australian medicines industry welcomes the at least in-principle expressions of support for the Memorandum of Understanding from the major political parties before the election and we hope for a speedy passage of the legislation to implement savings.

“The MoU provides a predictable policy environment for the Australian medicines industry, a fiscally sustainable PBS for the Government, and lower prices for medicines and improved access to new medicines for Australian patients.

“The medicines industry supports the proposed R&D tax credit reforms from the last Parliament and looks forward to the new system being introduced as soon as possible so the industry can sustain and grow its $1 billion worth of investment in R&D, including clinical trials, in Australia each year.

“Medicines Australia also calls on the Government to finalise its Clinical Trials Action Group report so we can work together to improve the regulatory environment for conducting clinical trials in Australia and make this country more globally competitive.

“And importantly there are a number of medicines awaiting listing on the PBS, both in Cabinet and in the bureaucracy, where the process has been delayed due to the recent election and accompanying caretaker conventions.

“With the end of the caretaker conventions, we encourage a quick resolution of those listings so they can be made available to Australian patients through the PBS.

“We look forward to working with the new Government, the Opposition, the Greens and independent MPs and Senators in the new Parliament.”


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