Labor’s statement that health is key to economic prosperity is welcome

Medicines Australia welcomes the focus in today’s ALP health policy statement on the importance of the health system in underpinning Australia’s economic performance and productivity.

“Medicines are a key tool in preventative health care for Australians and for encouraging participation and productivity in the economy,” Medicines Australia Chief Executive, Mr Ian Chalmers said today. “New medicines reduce costs elsewhere in the health system by keeping people healthy, reducing their stay in hospitals or avoiding other more expensive treatments”.

“Spending on medicines should be seen as an investment in the health and productivity of Australia, not a cost.”

“Access to new medicines is playing an important part in the increasing life expectancy of Australians. Medicines are a vital tool for ensuring that Australia’s population remains healthy and productive as it ages. How Australia manages its use of medicines in the future, and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, will be a key determinant of Australia’s future social and economic prosperity.”

“One of the major public policy challenges is how to ensure that the well-being of Australians and the Australian economy is enhanced to the maximum extent possible from the technological advances being made with innovative medicines while maintaining an appropriate level of fiscal control”, Mr Chalmers said.

“Medicines Australia is actively engaged in policy debate about the health system and its role in ensuring productivity in an ageing Australia.”

“We welcome the ALP’s recognition that the health of Australians and Australia’s health system is vital in ensuring Australia’s future economic prosperity,” Mr Chalmers said.


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