Launch of new guide to quality use of medicines

Medicines Australia today launched a new booklet which sets out the medicines industry’s role in encouraging the quality use of medicines.

‘Quality Use of Medicines’ is the term to describe choosing a suitable medicine, using medicines safely and effectively to get the best possible results and selecting management options wisely.

Medicines Australia chief executive Dr Brendan Shaw said: “I am particularly proud of this publication.

“The Australian medicines industry has for many years undertaken various activities to promote the quality use of medicines as part of its standard business model.

“But until today, there has been a need to do more to explain what we do in a quality use of medicines framework.

“This new guide explains in simple, consumer-friendly language, how the sort of activities medicines companies undertake as part of their business contribute to the ultimate goal of ensuring the right patient gets the right medicine at the right time.

“Those activities include clinical trials, post-marketing surveillance and adverse event reporting.

“The booklet helps explain clearly how the industry works with other participants in the health sector, such as government, health professionals, patient groups and the community, to promote the quality use of medicines.”

Medicines Australia has also provided its member companies with an online guide to the principles of quality use of medicines for the industry, examples of industry activities that contribute to quality use of medicines and best practice examples with particular medicines and activities.

“It’s another way that the industry is working together to support one of the four pillars of the National Medicines Policy,” Dr Shaw said.


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