Less red tape for Clinical Trials will benefit patients and researchers

Medicines Australia welcomes the announcement made by the nation’s Health Ministers in Perth to work towards a national framework for clinical trials.

A new commitment was made by the COAG health council to identify more ways we can improve Australia’s attractiveness as a preferred destination for clinical trials. This type of reform is exactly what a nation which is looking to harness a more innovative future should be supporting.

Each year the pharmaceutical industry initiates and invests in around 700 new clinical trials in Australia which not only supports thousands of jobs for local scientists and medical practitioners, it provides early access to the latest developments in medical science to patients.

Despite a global reputation for great scientists and doctors, more can be done to reduce the complexity of initiating a clinical trial in Australia, with each state and often every hospital or research centre having its own unique rules and red tape burden. This confusing and complex approach means we are less competitive with regions such as Asia for clinical trial investment.

Australia needs to reduce the red tape involved in initiating a new clinical trial by delivering a more sophisticated and consistent framework.

The Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council has been tasked to develop models of best practice options for sites. The Council has also been commissioned to consider ways to better engage sponsors, such as innovative pharmaceutical companies, and improve trial start up times and outcomes.

It is particularly encouraging that the Ministers agreed that clinical trials are a critical pathway to enabling better access to new medicines for patients.

Any moves to advance clinical trial sites will require careful planning and collaboration. Medicines Australia looks forward to participating in discussions with the advisory council over the potential models given that the medicines sector are important partners.


James Boyce
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