MA calls for new focus on Australian industry

Medicines Australia has called for a new and renewed focus on developing the Australian medicines industry.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 5th Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress in Melbourne yesterday, Medicines Australia Chief Executive, Dr Brendan Shaw, said now was the time to take the next step in developing the Australian industry. “Australia has a rich heritage of medicines derived from our natural environment and medical research.

“And there’s also great stories here of how industry has partnered with science to bring new medicines to the community.

“The challenge for us here in Australia and for the industry more globally is that we want to do much more of this in Australia.

“We have a real opportunity to do this right now.

“The community is interested, the government is interested, the research community is interested and the industry is interested in taking the step to the next level of commercial partnership between science, research and commercialisation.

“We want an environment that fosters more investment and more partnerships between the public researchers and private industry.

“There’s a real opportunity to build on what we already have and grow this sector even more.”

Dr Shaw urged international researchers and investors to take the time to look at Australia’s opportunities and urged the Government that supporting these opportunities will help build the capability of the Australian medicines industry.

“We’re good at it, and there are some really exciting things happening here in medical and pharmaceutical research.”

Dr Shaw’s speech can be found here (please follow link)


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