MA welcomes Government proposal to cut medical red tape

Medicines Australia welcomes the Australian Government’s plans to improve access to medicines and medical devices by cutting unnecessary red tape.

Medicines Australia CEO, Tim James, has further supported the Government’s proposal to examine whether the Therapeutic Goods Administration should introduce fast-track approvals and reduce the regulatory burden on manufacturers.

“Australia has a world class regulator in the TGA and timely, targeted re-analysis and improvement is a hallmark of that quality. Full marks to the Government in selecting three very distinguished experts in Will Delaat, Lloyd Sansom and John Horvath to undertake this review,” Mr James said.

“This industry has no doubt that they will conduct a full, frank and fair assessment of the regulatory processes in Australia and make sound recommendations on how to further update Australia’s regulatory system.

“We are encouraged by the actions of the Government to date, in its commitment to ease the thicket of red tape around making drugs and medical devices available to Australians as rapidly as possible.

“Medicines Australia has already been actively engaged with Government to reduce unnecessary regulation and cut red tape in the medicines industry.

“We have contributed to the Government’s red tape reduction program through a submission, in May this year, to Parliamentary Secretary the Hon Josh Frydenberg.

“Removing red tape means reducing business costs, allowing greater investment by businesses in Australia, improving patient access to innovative medicines, and making government processes more efficient.”

Mr James also welcomed Minister Peter Dutton’s statements on the subject calling for a ‘modern regulatory framework’ to ensure Australians can access the latest treatments in a timely manner.

“We look forward to working cooperatively with the Government to cut red tape, and maintain and improve access to medicines,” Mr James said.

“It’s important that Industry and Government work closely together to share ideas and issues, and together develop a stable policy framework to deliver the results Australian patients deserve.”


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