MA Welcomes Independent Chair

The Medicines Australia Board is pleased to announce that Dr Anna Lavelle has been appointed as Independent Chair of Medicines Australia, effective immediately.

Dr Lavelle joined the Medicines Australia (MA) Board in January 2017 as its first Independent Director and has brought a wealth of knowledge, as well as a refreshing viewpoint and governance expertise to the Board.

Since her appointment, Dr Lavelle has acted as Deputy Chair of the Board and is also Chair of the recently established Independent Advisory Council.

Outgoing Chair of MA, Mr Wes Cook welcomed the appointment.

“Dr Lavelle is an extremely well-credentialed and experienced Board Director as well as an exceptional leader. During her time on the MA Board, Anna has proven to have a thorough understanding of the bio pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors and has established strong relationships with stakeholders from across the health sector,” said Mr Cook

“With the strong support of both the Board and the Executive, I have no doubt Anna will be a great leader for the organisation and with a clear focus on the interests of patients, will continue to deliver on the strategic priorities for our industry,” he added.

Dr Lavelle, the first female Chair of MA, welcomed the opportunity to take on the position of Chair of Medicines Australia.

“I have valued the experience of working with MA Board members over the last 18 months and believe that we are well positioned to be an effective and collaborative industry association,” said Dr Lavelle.

“The establishment of the Independent Advisory Council and new executive leadership, provides MA with a unique opportunity to demonstrate the value of the pharmaceutical sector to the broader economy and to the delivery of health outcomes. It is an exciting time in healthcare as hard won and highly effective breakthrough treatments are challenging how we view healthcare delivery.

“I look forward to working closely with the Board, members, Executive and key stakeholders groups to ensure the factors which positively impact outcomes for patients are optimised,” said Dr Lavelle.

Medicines Australia CEO, Elizabeth de Somer said: “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside Dr Lavelle and to represent the first female leadership team for Medicines Australia,”

“I would also like to thank Wes Cook for his hard work and dedication over the past 3 years as Chair. His contribution to promote the sector and lead our Board in a considered and collaborative way is recognised and acknowledged across our industry and stakeholders.

“Our vision and renewed focus for MA and the industry is tightly aligned. It will be a great pleasure to work together with Dr Lavelle, and the Board, on building the future path for MA,” said Ms de Somer.


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