MA Welcomes Labor’s Better Budgeting discussion paper

Medicines Australia, the industry association for the innovative pharmaceuticals industry welcomes Labor’s Better Budgeting discussion paper released today.

Medicines Australia Chief Executive Milton Catelin said: “Labor has asked a number of key questions that warrant careful examination.”

“One of the major public policy challenges is how to ensure Australians continue to receive world-class healthcare that improves lives and boosts the economy while also maintaining Budget rigour and fiscal sustainability,” Mr Catelin said.

“We entirely agree with the proposition that best outcomes in public policy emerge when the budget process is open, accountable, and transparent,” he said.

“How Australia’s healthcare system is managed, including the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), is a key factor in Australia’s future. Research shows that medicines help to reduce expenditure elsewhere in the health system by keeping people healthy, reducing their stay in hospitals or preventing other more expensive treatments.”

Medicines Australia’s pre-budget submission argues for the inclusion of better productivity measures as part of Australia’s long-term research and data programme.

In its submission, Medicines Australia also outlines the need for clearer and more transparent information about PBS expenditure.

“These changes would significantly enhance the way in which the impact of health expenditure can be evaluated by policy-makers,” Mr Catelin said.

“We are actively engaged in policy debate about better budgeting and look forward to consulting with Labor following the release of this important paper.”

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