Medicines Australia encourages 22,000 plus employees of the medicines industry to download the COVID-Safe App.

As an economic and manufacturing leader in Australia, we pledge to encourage all our 22,000 + employees to download the Federal Government’s COVIDSafe app.

Containment and rapid response have been key to lessening the impacts of COVID-19 in Australia. Further improvements to contact tracing people who have been exposed to positive COVID-19 cases will help to reinvigorate the Australian economy and return us all to the lifestyle that we value.

Our industry intersects with those most vulnerable in our community on a daily basis, though clinical trials, patient interactions and collaborating with healthcare professionals.

For us to fulfill our role and safely interact with the community and our frontline health care professionals, as restrictions are relaxed in the coming months, it is imperative that we are doing our bit to support this important initiative. For that reason, we encourage the use of the COVIDSafe App to maximise the improvements it will bring.

In addition to our commitment, we call on other industry leaders to echo this sentiment and publicly pledge to encourage their workforces to download the app.


More information – Natalie Wimmer – – 0450 728 660