Medicines Australia presents Ethics Awards for top sales representatives

Thirteen medical sales representatives from the Australian medicines industry received the sector’s top accolade for ethical sales and marketing at a ceremony yesterday.

The Medicines Australia Continuing Education Program Awards are presented annually to sales representatives who achieve the best marks in their compulsory ethical conduct education program.

Medicines Australia Chief Executive Officer, Mr Tim James said the mandatory program, delivered by Medicines Australia and the University of Tasmania, highlighted the industry’s commitment to ethical conduct.

“Medical sales representatives play a really important role in helping doctors stay abreast of the latest information and ensure patients get the best out of the medicines that are available today,” Mr James said.

“Representatives have the job of ensuring the dialogue between the companies who make the medicines and the doctors that prescribe them is productive, balanced and ethical.

“Interaction between medicines companies and health care professionals is an important part of promoting patient health, so it is important we get it right.

“The continuing education program ensures medical representatives are educated to a recognised industry standard to provide healthcare professionals with accurate and balanced information.

“I congratulate all students who completed the course in 2014 and in particular the award winners. The fact that so many people have been recognised for their high achievement in this program shows pride in the industry, a passion to deliver quality education to healthcare professionals with the purpose of ensuring patients get the best use out of medicines that are available today.”

During his address, Mr James also spoke of the leadership the industry has shown in recent years. “The Intergenerational Report 2015 published last week makes clear that Population, Participation and Productivity are key to Australia’s economic future. Medicines play a fundamental role in relation to each of our nations’ population participation and productivity. The role and real value of medicines will underscore opportunities to lift Australia in these three P’s.”

“The pharmaceutical industry has shown real leadership in three key areas: firstly, there is an effective price signal on medicines; secondly the processes of the PBS require value and ensure ‘bang for tax payer’s buck’; and thirdly the industry has reformed dramatically in recent years delivering seven times the forecast savings to government. It is time for other parts of the health landscape to equally focus upon effective price signals, value and reform.”

The Medicines Australia Code of Conduct Award, for highest marks in the Code of Conduct Program, was presented to Sean Newman (AstraZeneca).

The University of Tasmania Prize for Excellence Awards for the highest quality reflective assignment, active learning and participation in each semester of the course were presented to Jacqui Bardellini (Sanofi) and Olivia Di Sisto (iNova).

The Medicines Australia CEP Achievement Awards, for the highest marks across all five core Programs went to: Eilise D’Arcy (Alcon), Irma Brink (BMS), Sean Newman (AstraZeneca), Catherine Solomonson (AstraZeneca), Ben Warner (Pfizer), Louise Thomas (iNova), Alex Roytman (Mundipharma), Lawrence Currion (Novartis), Edward Punshon (Alphapharm) and Catriona Truscott (independent student).

Photo description – names left to right: Olivia Di Sisto, iNova,  Irma Brink, BMS, Jacqui Bardellini, Sanofi, Louise Tomas, iNova, Alex Roytman, Mundipharma, Martin Cross, Medicines Australia, Tim James, Medicines Australia, Ben Warner, Pfizer, Sean Newman, AstraZeneca, Catherine Solomonson, AstraZeneca, Paul White (standing in for Lawrence Currion), Novartis, Eilise Darcy, Alcon, Edward Punshon, Alphapharm,  Absent: Catriona Truscott


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