Medicines Australia receives two awards for exemplary workplace culture

Image: Medicines Australia staff celebrate the Best Workplace and Change Champions for 2022 Awards.
Back row (L-R): Kaity Harris, Emily Skillin, Liz de Somer and Eric Johnsson
Front row (L-R): Hoor Ahktar, Tony Marks, Anne-Maree Englund, Brent Weston, Sophie Seck and Josh Vines

9 August 2022: Medicines Australia has been awarded Best Workplace and Change Champions for 2022 by Voice Project for the small-medium category.

Voice Project is engaged by Medicines Australia to measure staff culture and performance each year.

Medicines Australia CEO, Elizabeth de Somer, said the awards recognised the energy the organisation has put behind staff engagement and growing workplace culture.

“I’m honoured that Medicines Australia has received these two awards for Best Workplace and Change Champions for 2022,” Ms de Somer said.

“These awards are an inspiring achievement for the whole team, who all contribute to the outcomes and culture of Medicines Australia every day to ensure that our members are best placed to bring new medicines to the patients that need them.

“Our most recent staff survey shows that we have continued to grow and improve over the past 12 months in the three areas of engagement, wellbeing and progress.

“I am privileged to be surrounded by a team of knowledgeable, talented and diverse individuals who make it a pleasure to come to work each day.

“I am confident we have cultivated an environment that encourages learning and continuous development as individuals and together as a team. I look forward to the next 12 months and developing our staff engagement even further.

“Medicines Australia has a busy year ahead and I am confident we have the right people in place to support our key outcomes for our members. Thank you to each and every person in the Medicines Australia team who all contribute to improving the health outcomes for all Australians,” said Ms de Somer.

Medicines Australia continues to grow the team and has recently welcomed several new members including Gail Morgan (Head of Government Relations); Margaret Cresswell (Head of Communications and Stakeholder Engagement); Heather Wrightman (Senior Manager, Access and Funding) and Constantine Tablan (Policy Analyst).

Quotes attributable to Medicines Australia staff (from the survey):

  • “Achievements of individuals and teams are recognised and rewarded. Acknowledgement in team meetings of small to big wins creates a greater sense of belonging and team. When someone achieves something, we all celebrate and lift that person up as a group. There is no jealousy or competition.
  • “The staff at Medicines Australia are inclusive, empathetic, and passionate about what they do. It is a real strength of the organisation.
  • “Social activities, having a laugh around the office and flexible WFH arrangements have all contributed to one of the best workplaces I’ve experienced in a long time.
  • “Staff work well together and have a strong work ethic. The work environment allows others to try new ideas and be innovative.


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