Medicines Australia Welcomes COVID-19 Tracking App

Medicines Australia has today welcomed the COVID-19 tracking app COVIDSafe, which will help keep the community safe from further spread of coronavirus through early notification of possible exposure.

“This app is crucial during these challenging times – for those fighting COVID-19 in our hospitals and in order to protect the most vulnerable within our communities,” said Elizabeth de Somer, CEO Medicines Australia.

“The innovative pharmaceutical industry strongly supports the Federal Government’s efforts to improve tracing of COVID-19.

“The app is an important milestone on the road to recovery, reopening the economy and will lead to a relaxation in social distancing restrictions,” she said.

The health initiative uses technology to automate and improve what state and territory health officials already do manually.

“Contact tracing is a slow and manual process, which puts the community at risk for further disease spread while tracing takes place. This app will enhance the ability to respond quickly to COVID-19 outbreaks and contain the spread of the virus.

“Digital health tools like this app are becoming commonplace in today’s healthcare landscape. As will all digital health apps, information is strictly controlled and maintained.

“I encourage those within the innovative pharmaceutical industry, both employers and employees to get behind this initiative and download the app,” Ms de Somer adds.

More information – Natalie Wimmer – – 0450 728 660