Medicines Australia welcomes funding for clinical trials and One Stop Shop

2 May 2024: The announcement by the Albanese Government of $80.8 million in funding for clinical trials and a centralised approach to clinical trials known as One Stop Shop is a significant step towards improving access to medicines for all Australians.

“Australia is recognised globally as a preferred location for companies to conduct clinical trials thanks to our excellent healthcare facilities, researchers, a diverse population, and strong legal frameworks with robust IP protections,” Ms de Somer said.

“Currently there are different processes and systems for clinical trials in each state and territory and within area health services. This creates inefficiencies and makes it difficult for patients and doctors to know what options are available, which is why a national approach is needed.”

“Medicines Australia has been calling for a One Stop Shop that centralises clinical trial information and streamlined regulations since 2009, to give Australians early access to potential lifesaving and life changing treatments.”

“The commitment of $62 million to support clinical trials and a further $18.8 million by the Albanese Government to progress the National One Stop Shop is welcomed by industry and is a significant step towards improving access to medicines for all Australians.”

“Harmonising these processes will ensure patients get access to the latest medical therapies and Australia remains globally competitive as an R&D destination, benefiting both Australian patients and the economy.”

“Clinical trials are a vital step in developing innovative new medicines. They provide early access for some patients and a broader benefit to the whole economy. The next step is to ensure our reimbursement system keeps pace with the rapid advances in innovation to provide all patients with these new medicines as quickly as possible and harness the broader economic returns.”

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