Medicines Australia welcomes LSDP review outcomes

Medicines Australia welcomes the Government’s announcement of an outcome from the Post-market Review of the Life Saving Drugs Programme (LSDP review).

We particularly welcome the recognition that medicines that reduce the level and duration of disability and improve quality of life have a significant impact.

Milton Catelin, Chief Executive of Medicines Australia says the sector is looking forward to working with the Government to develop appropriate guidance on this expanded criteria.

“It is important to bring certainty about access to life saving drugs to the patients who need them. We hope that the changes to the LSDP will provide this,” said Mr Catelin.

“We also welcome the establishment of an expert panel to provide advice and assistance to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and will seek to contribute to the establishment of that Committee.”

“The Government’s announcement today signals a willingness to continue to make innovative medicines available to Australian patients and reiterates the commitment made in our Strategic Agreement to streamline PBAC and medicines access processes.”

“The innovative medicines industry is committed to bringing new, life saving medicines to Australia, and will be working closely with the Government to determine the most appropriate policies to underpin this outcome,” said Mr Catelin.

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