Medicines Australia welcomes new MTPConnect CEO

Medicines Australia (MA) congratulates MTPConnect on the appointment of Dr Dan Grant as Chief Executive Officer.  Dr Grant has extensive background and experience in the pharmaceutical sector and academia – most recently as Pro Vice Chancellor at La Trobe University and as head of External Research and Development Innovation Group at Pfizer.

Interim CEO of MA, Ms Elizabeth de Somer said, “Medicines Australia and MTPConnect share the same goals of increasing industry collaboration, investment and innovation.”

“Dr Grant’s extensive experience in pharmaceutical innovation make him the ideal person to further the agenda of the important MTP sector,”

“Medicines Australia and our members look forward to working with Dr Grant to continue our already close collaboration with MTPConnect,” said Ms de Somer.

MA also recognises the outstanding contribution of Sue MacLeman who, as announced in February, will assume the position of Chair.

“Under Sue’s direction, MTPConnect and Medicines Australia signed an MOU to ensure continued collaboration,”

“In addition to that, MA and consortia of our members are partnering with MTPConnect on three projects: The Bridge Program – which along with QUT, helps participants understand and navigate the complex regulatory, financial, scientific and intellectual property issues involved in translating promising research into new medicines for market; The tele-trials program – working with the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia to broaden the reach of clinical trials into remote and regional areas; and the Value of Medicines project, which will review and quantify the value of medicines and the medicines industry to the community,” said Ms de Somer.

“Ms MacLeman has been a tireless advocate for the MTP sector and wish her well in her future role as Chair of MTPConnect,” said Ms de Somer.