Medicines Australia’s position on potential European Union restrictions and vaccines supply

30 January 2021: Medicines Australia is concerned by the reports of proposals from Europe that could impact the global supply chains of COVID-19 vaccines.

Maintaining global supply chains is a top priority for the medicines industry and is key to delivering vaccines to protect citizens against COVID-19. The making of a vaccine requires many dozens of ingredients and manufacturing components which come from multiple sources around the world.

Covid-19 vaccines are needed by everyone to get us back to a ‘new normal’ (locally in Australia and globally). We recognise this is a complex and vast undertaking, so it is critical for us to work together to manage the vaccine roll-out in Australia and around the world.

To achieve this, it is imperative that no restrictions are applied that would disrupt the manufacturing and delivery of vaccines.

We have reached out to the Federal Government regarding Australia’s supply being on track and commencement of the vaccination program from late February, including acknowledgement of Australia’s onshore manufacturing capability.

We will continue to work with the Government to support Australia’s supply chains of medicines and vaccines.

For global statements see EFPIA statement here and IFPMA statement here.

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