Ms Jane Halton AO PSM

Statement from Chairman Wes Cook

On behalf of Medicines Australia and our members, I would like to acknowledge the work of Ms Jane Halton as Secretary of the Department of Finance and congratulate her on an exceptional career in public service.

Ms Halton has spent many decades in public service  including her tenure as the Secretary of the Department of Health for more than 12 years before moving to the same position in the Department of Finance two years ago.

Medicines Australia and the innovative medicines industry enjoyed a strong and constructive relationship with Ms Halton and have appreciated her tireless efforts and leadership to ensure a sustainable Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) for Australian patients.

Implementing difficult but worthwhile reforms were a hallmark of Ms Halton’s time as Health Secretary. This included working with the medicines industry on significant changes to the structure of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme which ensured patients maintained access to medicines while delivering greater sustainability of funding, and the development of the first Memorandum of Understanding between Medicines Australia and the Commonwealth Government in 2010.

Of most significance was the development of a two-tiered pricing formulary known as F1 (for on patent therapies) and F2 (for off-patent therapies) and the introduction of enduring mechanisms which delivered savings that could be reinvested in the latest innovative treatments.

I wish Ms Halton all the best for her future endeavours and have no doubt that her depth of experience in health will continue to be a wonderful asset in the ongoing policy debate.


James Boyce
Phone: 0423 239 265