New report shows the importance of adult vaccines

30 March 2023: Medicines Australia welcomes a new report that calls for investment in the vital adult vaccines that will underpin the future health and prosperity of our nation.

CEO of Medicines Australia, Elizabeth de Somer, said the new report from GSK Australia, Risk to Resilience: A roadmap to vaccine access for older Australians’, highlights the health initiatives Australia will need to prepare for our growing ageing population and burden of chronic disease.

“Vaccinations prevent deadly diseases and save lives,” Ms de Somer said.

“Historically, Australia has always had a high immunisation rate, yet this latest report shows we need to more to improve access to the vaccinations that protect Australians of all ages – not just children.

“We must especially protect older Australians and currently, not enough people are accessing vaccines that can stop diseases such as whooping cough and shingles, which increase in risk as we age.

“Health should not be linked to location. This report highlights the steps we must take as a nation to close the immunisation gap among marginalised groups – including First Nations people and those living in regional and remote communities.

“The National Immunisation Program has been an integral part of our impressively high childhood vaccination rate, and now that same focus must be applied to equitable vaccine access for all age groups.

“This latest report shows that it can take an average of almost four years before an innovative and safe vaccine becomes available through the National Immunisation Program. We know how important fast access to vaccines is, and work must be done to reduce that time lag.

“This year’s Health Technology Assessment (HTA) review should look at how systems can improve and speed up access to innovative vaccines, medicines, and treatments.

“By keeping individuals healthy, vaccinations can decrease the burden on primary care and hospitals and in turn, benefit both our community and economy.

“The medicines industry is ready to work with governments and to partner with patients and health sectors to reform how vaccines are valued in this country and improve access to them,” she said.

The GSK Risk to Resilience report calls for governments to partner with the medicine industry, experts, healthcare professionals and patients to reform reimbursement systems and processes to recognise the value of vaccines and disease prevention and prioritise adult vaccination in delivery of the National Immunisation Program.

The full version of the report can be found here:


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