New report will help community understand TGA

Medicines Australia welcomes yesterday’s publication of the final report by the Therapeutic Goods Administration Transparency Review panel which has made 21 recommendations aimed at building a more transparent regulatory process in Australia.

Medicines Australia chief executive Dr Brendan Shaw said improving transparency would ensure the TGA was better understood by the community.

“The TGA has made significant progress in reforming its business processes and we are already seeing greater transparency in the prescription medicines sector,” Dr Shaw said.

“These latest reforms being recommended by the TGA Transparency Review panel will help demystify the regulatory process for the ordinary Australians who benefit from it.

“Medicines Australia looks forward to working with Government on the recommendations. While they may take some time to put in place, the TGA has already gone some way towards ensuring they are delivered.

“The quality of information provided by the TGA to companies bringing new medicines to market is now better. Improvements have been made to the TGA website, and particularly to the search functions of the product register. We look forward to further reforms in the months ahead.

“Providing greater transparency and detail on the TGA’s evaluation and decision-making process is a significant step forward. It will provide further confidence in the quality of prescription medicines to which Australian patients have access.

“Considerable effort has gone into this review. The consultation process has been exemplary and the report’s authors are to be commended.

“Medicines Australia looks forward to discussing with the Government how these recommendations can be implemented to best achieve the aim of providing more information to the community about their medicines.”


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