No need to stockpile medicines says MA Chief

Medicines Australia CEO Elizabeth de Somer has echoed calls by the Prime Minister Scott Morrison, for Australians to stop stockpiling medicine during the ongoing COVID pandemic.

“It is imperative, as an industry and as a nation, for us to employ every public health strategy and commit every effort to focus on COVID19 and help to protect and treat the community,” said Ms de Somer.

“Those living in the community with health conditions and illnesses must – like the elderly – be our focus. Ensuring they continue to receive their medicines and the care they need on a daily basis has our utmost attention.

“Member companies of Medicines Australia and their global counterparts – are working tirelessly to eradicate COVID19 – to increases diagnostic capability, develop a vaccine and find effective treatments.  We hope this focus will generate success in the coming months. Each step forward will be shared.

“In the meantime, ensuring Australians requiring regular, essential medicine and care are able to continue to receive treatment – is our utmost priority,” said Ms de Somer.

Medicines Australia is working with the Department of Health and TGA to ensure supply of essential medicines are maintained and measures are in place to minimise the potential for shortages.

Ms de Somer reiterated the pharmaceutical industry’s robust supply chain.

“Medicines companies keep 4-6 months of stock, and sometimes more, in the country at all times, based on normal demand needs, and are now monitoring and updating stock levels on a daily basis.

“Pharmacies and wholesalers are working quickly to restock pharmacy shelves when their supplies are sold. Patients can help themselves, pharmacists and the broader community by not stockpiling medicines that they do not need right now and will not use.,” Ms de Somer said.

“In the event of shortages, this will be communicated at all medical, hospital and pharmacy levels, and plans are in place to identify suitable clinical alternatives if they are needed.” said Ms de Somer.

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