Ongoing transparency leadership by MA Members

Pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals share an important partnership. We collaborate on clinical research, share knowledge and support education to ensure that medicines are constantly improving and are used safely and appropriately by doctors and their patients.

The Medicines Australia Code of Conduct is the national standard for industry self-regulation and is leading the way on transparency.

Medicines Australia and its member companies are proud of their role in developing the Code, which ensures the medicines industry leads the health sector in transparency. Our high standards of ethical conduct and transparency will help drive further improvements to Australia’s health care system.

This Code has been authorised by the ACCC and is supported by the Australian Medical Association.

The latest transparency reports, published today, provide clear information about payments to a healthcare professional so they can access the latest educational opportunities, attend conferences or symposia, or for their services as an expert.

By supporting ongoing education, companies can assist healthcare professionals to acquire the appropriate understanding and knowledge of new innovative therapies, which is appropriate and accountable.

The Code of Conduct is the Australian benchmark for accountability and transparency reporting in the therapeutic goods sector. This is the same standard that pharmaceutical companies are held to in Europe, and significantly more detailed than industry self-regulation in the USA.

Further information about the transparency requirements of the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct and hyperlinks to each member company’s reports are available here.

MA encourages consumers to talk to their doctors if they would like to know more about their relationships with different companies and the benefits to patient health.

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