PBS Activity Indicators report released

Medicines Australia welcomes the first ever public report on Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) Activity Indicators released today.

The report provides greater transparency to Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme outcomes. It allows new insights into the decision-making of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC), the body which assesses the cost effectiveness of new medicines before they are listed on the PBS.

“This first report on PBS Activity Indicators will now enable patient groups, pharmaceutical company sponsors and members of the public to follow trends in PBAC outcomes. This information will be vital to examining the effectiveness of the PBS listing process into the future” said Mr Ian Chalmers, Chief Executive of Medicines Australia.

“For example, whilst the data shows that last year 55 per cent of major submissions seeking PBS new listing of medicines were recommended, another 41 per cent were not successful,” Ian Chalmers said.

“Unsuccessful submissions can mean lack of access and longer waits for patients to new medicines, very costly extra work for industry and inefficiencies for Government,” Ian Chalmers said. “Medicines Australia will keep working with the Department of Health and Ageing to provide increased access to new medicines for patients. We strive for more effective and efficient processes within the reimbursement system for medicines” Ian Chalmers said.

The PBS Activity Indicators is a joint project between Medicines Australia and the Department of Health and Ageing. A report is expected to be published annually. The joint report presents information on outcomes from the PBAC, including:

  • PBAC submissions by outcome
  • Submissions on the basis of PBAC recommendation
  • Resubmissions by outcome
  • Resubmissions on the basis of PBAC recommendation, and
  • Changes to PBS listings.


Contact Person:

Jamie Nicholson
Media Communications Manager
Phone: 0419 220 293