Pharma interactions educate and improve health outcomes.

Medicines Australia (MA) is pleased to announce the release of the fifth biannual innovative medicines industry’s transfer of value data for nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals.

The reports have been published on member companies’ websites today.

Medicines Australia and its members are leading the way in providing greater transparency for consumers, said MA CEO Liz de Somer.

“We have voluntarily submitted ourselves to this significant transparency disclosure because we are proud of the role we play in educating medical practitioners and consumers. This is despite the fact that non-Medicines Australia members are not required to abide by the same rigorous code of conduct,” said Ms de Somer.

In addition to our own code of conduct, MA member companies abide by the new “Australian Consensus Framework for Ethical Collaboration in the Healthcare Sector”.

This is a government-supported, sector-led initiative that has been developed collaboratively across the entire healthcare sector to describe the values and ethical principles that should form the basis of collaboration and interaction among organisations within our sector.

“By supporting ongoing education like attending symposia and conferences, companies are providing healthcare professionals with the opportunity to learn about the latest in life-changing therapies,” said Ms de Somer.

“The reported payments also cover consultancy fees for services such as the professional development of information to help patients understand their medicines and achieve better health outcomes.

“So not only are we helping to educate doctors, we’re also playing a key role in helping patients take their medicines safely and improving the quality use of these medicines,” said Ms de Somer.

Further information about the transparency requirements of the MA Code of Conduct and hyperlinks to each member company’s reports are available here.

MA encourages consumers to talk to their doctors if they would like to know more about their relationships with different companies and the benefits to patient health.


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