Pharmaceutical industry key to global H1N1 response

The pharmaceutical industry is a key reason why countries around the world have been able to respond to the H1N1 pandemic.

“The antivirals, antibiotics and vaccines that are available today to respond to the global H1N1 pandemic are largely the product of investment by the global pharmaceutical industry,” Medicines Australia chairman Will Delaat said today.

“Without these products, it is unclear how countries would have responded to the global H1N1 pandemic.

“Investment by the pharmaceutical industry has provided tools with which we can combat current and future influenza pandemics.

“In Australia, together with doctors, nurses, pharmacists, other health professionals and medical researchers, local pharmaceutical companies, both large and small, are working to protect Australia and other countries from global pandemics.

“Australia’s management of the H1N1 outbreak has been a great success story in terms of public health and industry innovation.

“Investment in medical research, in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, has been a major weapon in ensuring the H1N1 outbreak has not been the disaster that it potentially could have been.”


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